Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan Profile

Qualification with specialization:

  1. M. Sc. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) – 1978
  2. M. Sc. (Appl. Chemistry)-1979
  3. M. A. (Industrial Sociology) -1984
  4. Ph. D. ( Biochemistry) -1984
  5. D.Lit. ( Doctor of Literature ) -2002
  6. M B A

Professional experience: 

  • Senior Scientist : From 1982 for 25 years  (CSIR Government of India)
  • Visiting scientist at University of Alberta, Canada (1993 -94)
  • Visiting Scientist  at   National Sanskrit   University, Tirupati.
  • Director, Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage ( IISH-Regd. Charitable Trust)
  • Visiting faculty member in many other Indian and foreign  universities and Institutes.

Other Professional contributions:

  • 50 Research Papers in National and International Scientific  journals
  • 6 Patents in Science & Technology
  • 9 National and International Level Awards from the S & T Scientific Societies.
  • Thirteen   awards for Science & Culture Popularization
  • Authored 135+  books in English and Malayalam both scientific and  cultural
  • 400+ CDs, DVDs of lectures
  • 200+ hrs of Tv programs in India and abroad.

National and International Fellowship:

  • First NCSTC Fellowship of DST, Government of India for popularizing science
  • NSERC/ Canadian Development Agency (CIDA) Fellowship of the Government.

Invited Lectures in National and International Universities, MNCs, Banks and  Training centers:

  • University of Manitoba, Canada
  • Technical University of Nova Scotia Canada
  • University of Cleveland, USA
  • University of Alberta, Canada
  • Iowa State University, USA.
  • University of Newcastle (UK)
  • York University Toronto,Canada
  • University of British Columbia (Canada)
  • Lamar University Houston, USA
  • Lectures in National Institutes in India like  IIT of Bombay, IIT Madras, IIT Gouwhati, University of Hyderabad, IMG, Trivandrum, Amrutha Institute of Medical Science (AIMS), IIM Bangalore and a number of prestigious  medical and  engineering colleges around the world

Countries visited for delivering lectures: USA, Canada, U K, Singapore, U A E, Bahrain, Kuwait & Oman

Building National Heritage Centre  (NHC) for developing a deemed university status institute in Mazhuvanchery, Kechery, Thrissur integrating cultural heritage studies and modern subjects. NHC comes under Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage, the charitable trust started by self.

Proficiency in Hindu dharma : Written 120+ books in Hindu dharma, Vedas, achaaras, spirituality, dharma sastra, yoga, Geetha and so on in Malayalam and English.  Delivered thousands of lectures in academic and spiritual  institutions world over including 40+ foreign countries. More than 6 years television and AIR / FMradio speeches were delivered  on daily basis,  Directly involved in  performing poojas through thanthra studies in temples.